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Why & When To Get Massages While On Vacation?

VACATION!!!! Something many take months to plan, even years of preparation and saving. You want your vacation to be perfect, to go as planned and most all you want to be relaxed and stressed free. Its no secret that planning a vacation is not easy. It can be very stressful. The planning, packing, making sure all is well at home and at the office etc. Then you have the flights! Depending on where you are coming from you may take hours on a cramped plane, even days for some.

Why Do I Need A Massage On Vacation?

Massage is a great stress reliever. All the planning and the lifting of heavy bags or small kids at the airport, your muscles will definitely need some attention. When ever I travel I carry all of my tension in my upper shoulders from lifting bags and just the stress of traveling and also in my legs and feet from alot of walking. It is really hard to focus with tense shoulders and achy feet on vacation. This leads to the next question:

When Should I Get A Massage When On A Vacation?

Vacations are expensive. You want to enjoy every moment and to relax as much as possible. You want to get your moneys worth. When coming to Great Exuma Bahamas you come to enjoy sun, sand and most of all our beautiful waters. To enjoy all the tours and acttractions on the Island you want to be relaxed. Exuma Healing Hands Massage suggest you get a massage right away. If your flight arrive in Exuma Bahamas midday or early evening, after checking into your room or home, there would not be much to do for the day is almost over. Get the massage out of the way. You are tired, muscles are aching and you just want to relax. Just do it! You will sleep like a baby and a massage is a great way to take your mind of the travel.You will have the next day to start fresh.

In my experience, many visitors come on the evening flight. Definitely too late to get a massage. You will probably be hungry and want to get something to eat and get settled in instead. I suggest you book your massage for the next morning. Its a great way to start the day and you will still have the whole day to be outdoors and to do plenty of beaching.

If you are boaters and you are coming to the island to do plenty boating, fishing and tours, I suggest you get at least two massages. The first one will be to get you settled in and the last one will definitely be to ease those aching muscles from the bumpy boat ride (It is not always smooth) and to relax those swimmers muscles. Not to mention those achy feet from walking on our long sandy beaches.

If you are coming just to relax, relax, relax, then the choice is yours. Anytime of the day will be perfect for you, however, I still recommend to making a massage one of the first things you do when you get to Exuma Bahamas. Exuma Healing Hands Massage is here for you. Put your achy feet in my hands, I definitely know what to do with it.

Secure your spot before you get here. I can start as early as 7:30am and if you want a couples massage please let me know so that i can ensure another therapist is available. Visit my website for a list of services or more information or email me at you can also call me direct on 242-524-4274 Thank you so much for reading.

I hope to pamper you shortly.

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